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Why World PH Day? The photos and messages below tell a story of hardship, but also one of hope. Symptoms of PH are often mistaken for those of less serious conditions, such as asthma, so many patients spend 2-3 years seeking an accurate diagnosis. This delay can be fatal; without treatment, the average life expectancy with PH is 2.8 years.

Despite these challenges, the outlook for the PH community is improving. Thanks to the work of PH associations around the world, researchers and medical professionals understand more about the disease and the number of treatment options has increased. We are connecting globally, helping one another despite differences of language and culture, and working together to share our message with the world. We invite you to learn more about the PH experience through the photos and messages below.


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Abigail, USA - Spreading HOPE globally one message at a time. XOXOX
Abigail, USA - Spreading HOPE globally one message at a time. XOXOX


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Julia, USA

I dream of a day when there is a cure--and EVERYONE has equal access to it!
Li Rong, China

Each patient's story is a great film.
Huanghuan, China

I was misdiagnosed with asthma for 10 years, and I finally got cured by double lung transplant after taking medicines for 7 years.
Wu Wuhuan, China

Sarah - USA

World PH Day 2013
Diane - U.S.

One pulmonary hypertension patient who inspires me is Alex
Amanda - USA

PH Awareness matters because... knowledge is power
Rebecca - USA

PH Awareness matters because... knowledge is power
Jess - USA

The PH patients who inspire me are the kids
Roni - USA

PH Awareness matters because we must improve early diagnosis
Megan - USA

PH Awareness matters because knowledge can make a difference & save lives!
Rino - USA

We will fight PH until it exists no more.
Danielle and Suzanne - USA

One pulmonary hypertension patient who inspires me is Roberta Granai
Kim - USA

One PH patient who inspires me is…how can I pick just one?
Briana and Nick - USA

PH Awareness matters because…families matter!
Imani - USA

World PH Day 2013
Sarah, Lori, Caitlin and Amanda - USA

PH Awareness matters because... there's strength in numbers
Daniela - USA

PH Awareness matters because it will lead to ACCESS to and COVERAGE of treatment.
Tracy - USA

One PH patient who inspires me is Alex.
Debbie - USA

One PH patient who inspires me is…all of the support group leaders!
Pat - USA

I saw 9 doctors about my PH symtpoms before I was correctly diagnosed. That was 26 years ago!
Colleen - USA

5 years diagnosed…so many more to go! I am living Generation Hope.
Diane - USA

I was diagnosed with PH 3 years after my first symtpoms. That was over 25 years ago!
Ed - USA

One PH patient who inspires me is Pat Paton.
Steve and Diane - USA

One PH patient who inspires me is Diane.
Colleen and Diane - USA

Colleen and Diane inspire each other!
Karen and Val - USA

PHA's Board of Trustees supports World PH Day
Rita - USA

Before I was correctly diagnosed, doctors told me that my PH symptoms were ASTHMA.
Debbie and Rita - USA

Rita Orth inspires me!
Gina - USA

One PH patient who inspires me is Joanne Schmidt.
Cindy - USA

I saw 4 doctors about my PH symptoms before I was correctly diagnosed.
Linda - USA

In 1993 when my daughter was diagnosed with PH we were told that she would live 2 years or less. Now she's married and has adopted a little girl!!! :)
Roger and Deb - USA

When my daughter was diagnosed with PH we were told that she would live 2 to 5 years or less
Melissa - USA

My patients with PH give me HOPE!
Traci - USA

PHPN has got your back!!
Melisa and Traci - USA

PHPN has got your back!!
Judith - USA

In 1987…when my sister was diagnosed with PH we were told that she would live 6 months or less! She walks 2 miles daily and is STILL GOING STRONG!
Steve - USA

(7 years ago…) When my son was diagnosed with PH we were told that he would live 3 years or less. Today he's doing GREAT!
Claudiomar, Brazil

sou portador de HP a 14 anos - Que Deus Abençoe todos os Participantes
Bebel, Brazil

My PAH has 11 years of diagnosis; it is secondary to my LUPUS, which has also accompanied me for 22 years. I take care of them one day at a time, with the support of my parents, sisters, nephews, in-laws and friends. My doctors are the best.
Jessica Henderson - USA

Hello :) I was diagnosed with PH in April of 2012. I have hope that one day we all will breath easier :)
Denneys Niemandt - South Africa

You can read my story at My message to other PH patients is to never ever give up, accept your condition and don't fight it. Be thankful for family; they sometimes suffer more than you! Thanks - and remember - Phenomenal Hope!
Janet Ogren, USA
Li Song, China

Virgi, USA

Hi my name is Virgi :) I was diagnosed with PH in April, 2009..One day I will Breathe Easy!!
Melissa, USA

Having PH has taught me to really appreciate things I never paid attention to.It has also created a much deeper appreciation of my children as I spend every second of my time enjoying their love.
Paulette, USA

I have been misdiagnosed until I had a right heart catheterization. I was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension in 2005. I probably had PH longer than that.
Fiona, Scotland

My son Jude died at the age of five. He had undiagnosed Pulmonary Hypertension.
Regina, Brazil

We must stay as current as we can about the new treatments available to us!!! There is life after PH!!! 5 years ago I was told I would live 4 years or less!!! I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for God, my true source of strenth and healing; the love, support and prayers from my family and friends, and for the great team of doctors!!
Connie, USA

I have had PH since 2005. I did good for 7 years and now I am fitting. Hugs, Connie
Diego, Colombia

I was diagnosed 24 years ago. As a PH patient I have learned to be more persistent and undertake new challenges in my life. Colombia joins World PH Day!! / Yo fui diagnosticado hace 24 años. Como paciente de HP he aprendido a ser más persistente y emprender nuevos retos en mi vida. Colombia se une al Día Mundial de HP!!
Odete, Brazil

Ter a familia junto na mesma luta não tem preço!!! NOSSO BEIJO AZUL HAP ?
Damille, Brazil

Monica, Brazil

Esperar e sonhar para reaver minhas conquista de novo, nunca, nunca desistir de lutar.
Evelyn, USA

He vivido 16 años con Hipertensión Pulmonar. Toda etapa de la vida es una oportunidad para vivir intensamente y así lo he hecho. ¡Hay esperanza!
Tiffany, USA

Before I was correctly diagnosed, doctors told me that my PH symptoms were all in my head and caused by stress.
Carmen Cristina, Mexico

Noemi, Argentina

Soy de Argentina, diagnosticada de HP en enero 2012. Sueño con la CURA!!
Lian Fu, China

希望得到很好的治疗,希望专家多研究出适合肺动脉高压的有效的我们中国百姓可以加纳的 新药。
Perla, USA

La HAP necesita voz…y nosotros la tenemos para que sea mundialmente conocida…!!!!!
Kay, USA

Recently diagnosed. PAH.ORG has been a wonderful source of support and information. I had never heard of pulmonary hypertension before my diagnosis. Awareness of PH will save many lives.
Odete, Brazil

então descobrimos que precisamos acreditar, tanto quanto precisamos respirar…é nossa razão de existir
Maria Dolores, Ecuador

Hola, mi nombre es Maria Dolore soy de Ecuador, hace 4 años fui diagnosticada de Hipertension Arterial Pulmonar Idiopatica, al comienso fue muy dificil aceptar que estaba enferma, pase 1 año y medio buscando medicos que me explicaran que era la HP, en mi pais aun no contamos con alternativas de tratamiento, estamos tratando de crear una Asociacion de HP para sentirnos respaldados. Lo importante es que aprendi a vivir con HP y nunca voy a perder la esperanza de que los avances cientificos encuentren CURA para la HP
Denis Santana, Venezuela

La experiencia de mi hermana MIGDALIA DENIS ha sido una oportunidad para contribuir con un modesto aporte dirigido a los pacientes hipertensos pulmonares, con la meta de hallar la cura para esta rara condición de salud.
Mary, Brazil

Diagnosticada há 02 anos, em tratamento há pouco mais de um ano!
Darlene, Puerto Rico

I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension 3 years ago. At that time I was so afraid because I never heard about PAH before. I searched every information about PAH to find out anything that could let me know what I was going through. Knowledge gave me the confidence and the courage to face my situation and learned how to deal with PAH. That's why I'm here now sharing my story and supporting the cause.
Yi Ling, Canada

Please help the ones who have PH to be able to swim like me.
Hongyan, China

Sent in by Qian, China

Sent in by Keer, China
Sent in by Qian, China

Sent in by Keer, China

Haoqian, China

Yanlin, China

Ping, China

Sent in by Keer, China

Sent in by Keer, China
Karen, Colombia

Soy paciente con HP. Pero tengo muchas ganas de vivir y cumplir todos mis sueños. Colombia Presente el 5 de mayo día de la HP. / I am PH patient but I really want to live and achieve all my dreams. Colombia joins world PH Day this May 5th.
Amy, USA

Here is a picture of me 48 days post double-lung transplant with my parents. Caregivers and their support are VITAL to fighting this disease!
Jie, China

Hello! My name is Chen jie. I'm a teacher. I'was diagnosed with PH in 2000. At that time my life has changed. I can't run, can't breathe, even have to give up my dream.
Irene, Spain

Juntos podemos!
Beatriz, Mexico

Fui diagnosticada hace 2 años con hap
Gabriela, Chile

Somos Chocolate y Copito, y nuestra mamá fue diagnosticada con HAP en Mayo de 2012. Esta batalla la luchamos como familia, y confiamos en que pronto encontraremos la cura para que mamá vuelva a correr junto a nosotros!!
Yufeng, China

Diagnosed PH and VSD in 1988 when i was 11. And now i didn't take the medicine as economic problem, wish the medicine could be cheap enough to be supplied for every PH patient.
Virginia, Mexico

"tengo la esperanza que se descubra la cura muy pronto, que los medicamentos sean accesibles para todos"
Juan, Mexico

Por ella he aprendido a no rendirme, es inspiración pura para mi... el dejarla nunca podría hacerlo, la quiero demasiado y deseo que esto cambie para bien y mientras esto sucede aquí estaré con ella y para ella, impulsandola, apoyandola, haciedola sentir bien y queriendola con todas mis fuerzas!!! ANIMO, TU SIEMPRE PUEDES! :)
Myrna, Mexico

Eva, Spain

durante años estuve en tratamiento para el asma, si hubiera tenido un tratamiento mas precoz podria encontrarme mejor
Lorraine, USA

Saul, Mexico

apoyo a mi mama porque desde que esta enferma solo manda y manda y no hace nada
Sam Yael, Mexico

El grupo 2 Provincia Querétaro Scout México. Apoya a la Mama de Sam en esta campaña de concientización sobre la HP
Andrea, Mexico

Trinidad, Spain

soy enferma con hipertencion pulmonar secundaria en 4 grado por problemas v ventriculo izquierdo necrosis por lo que mi corazon esta muy dilatado me canso ya estando sentada en la cama hacer años que duermo semisentada ya me hicieron lo estudio de protocolo para tratamiento pero el estado de mi corazon no puede darmelo estoy tratada con sintron diureticos y HYdrapres bisoprolol y cafenitrina y por dolores en general muy fuerte morfina es el inico calmante que puedo sobrellevar mi vida ya que estoy sin familia eso es lo de meno toda mi vida e tenido que lucha sola es problemas es que España esta muy mal y quien ma lo a recortado en ayudas a sido a enfermos crónicos sin inportale que clase de enfermedad tengamos en que fuera no se cuenta nada de esto temas pero hay situaciones que ni en lo años 50 se vivía y para mas tengo 59 años y llevo enferma de corazón desde hacer 20 años con mucho errores medicos y fall os a la gora de presta atención y con lo cambio de doctores me lo a comunicado que se cometieron mucho fallos en mi controles si hubiera estado mejor controlada puede no estaria tan dañado mi corazon ya que siempre e llevado una vida sana mucho trabajo pero cuidandome asta aquí puedo contar si alguna pregunta estoy en redes sociales de fecebook
William, USA

Diagnosed 3 years ago after Agent Orange Ischemic Heart Attack; Ex-US Army , Multiple Chemical Exposure Diseases. So Hard to diagnose PH. Heart Caths and Echo revealed it. Still not sure of treatment or cure. Too sick for Heart and Lung transplant. HOPE THRU JESUS.
Maria E., Venezuela

Diagnosticada en 1993,el apoyo y amor de mi familia me han dado las fuerzas para seguir luchado. Diagnosed in 1993; the support and love of my family has given me the strength to keep fighting.
Yu Fang, China

Danny, USA

Hereditary...Mom and Aunt died from PH. Now cousin and I are determined not to let this be our death sentence.
Rosa Janeth, Ecuador

Sigamos Adelante en nuestra lucha y no nos rindamos por nada del mundo
Hazel, USA

I was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension four years after my first symptoms and it took me two additional years to get oxygen, two additional years to get a portable oxygen concentrator, a PH Doctor, and Revatio meds.
Cristiana, Brazil

With family and friends, we can fight much better!!!
Lisa, USA

Team PH'N AMAZE at the 2013 Southern Tier Heartwalk!
Michelle, USA

We miss our sister Sarah! Sarah died from PH at 7 1/2. She was full of smiles, laughter and love. Team SARAH SMILES won't stop the fight for early diagnoses and a CURE!
Paulina, Chile

Severe PH diagnosed in 2001. Using Sildenafil, Iloprost and in the SERAPHIN protocol. In this picture with my son Daniel. All my family and friends had been a great support during this years. I am still working as doctor. A big hug of hope for all!. / HAP severa diagnosicada en 2001. Tratamiento actual con Sildenafil, Iloprost y participo en el protocolo SERAPHIN. En esta foto estoy con mi hijo Daniel. Mi familia y amigos han sido mi gran apoyo durante estos años. Aun trabajo como médico. Un gran abrazo de esperanza para todos.
Zi-ZI, Una América unida

Soy la cebra viajera Zi-Zi, mi misión es la enseñar a donde voy "porque la HP es como una cebra":
María, Mexico

Mientras haya vida que el cuento continúe...
Sarah, Vicki, Jimmie, USA

Share, Care, Be Aware
Sarah and Kathleen, USA

Share, Care, Be Aware
Rosa, Sally, & Nina, USA

Share, Care, Be Aware
Mary Jo, USA

Share, Care, Be Aware
Jim & Jeannie, USA

Share, Care, Be Aware
Doug, USA

Share, Care, Be Aware
Brenda, USA

Bob & Pat with Mary Ann, USA

Share, Care, Be Aware
Ashley & Traci, USA

Share, Care, Be Aware
Marcia, USA

Together, we must find a cure! Spread the word!
Stephanie, USA

Happy World PH Day! As we hold each other's hands around the world, we become one! We are not alone any more!
Evelyn, USA

I was diagnosed with IPAH at 6 weeks old and my parents were told that I may not see my first birthday. I am phighting PH and will be 6 years old this summer. I am a brave girl!
Rhonda, USA

Rhonda is an angel now.
Carlos Andres, Mexico

Diagnosticado a principios de este año 2013
Sarah, USA

Sarah was diagnosed with PH in December 2012, 18 months after her first symptoms.
Emily, USA

My niece Sarah lost her battle with PH at age 7…We will fight for the CURE until we find one. Visit to learn about our events and/or like her page on Facebook at Sarah Smiles Phun-raiser
Isabel, USA

Me diagnosticaron con HP hace 16 años en Sonora, Mexico y ahi no me dieron esperanzas de Vida por eso tuve que venir a vivir a USA hace 11 años, y el 19 de marzo de este años recibi mi transplante de Corazon y Pulmones en el Hospital de la Universidad de Stanford en Stanford Ca. Aun sigo recuperandome de la cirugia que duro 16 horas, pero ahora puedo respirar ya no tengo HP, pero tengo la esperanza que encuentren la cura para que las personas no tengan que pasar por un transplante.
Laura, El Salvador

Perdí a mi hermana a causa de esta enfermedad, ella colaboró en la campaña "Beso Azul" para dar a conocer esta enfermedad. Hoy en día pido a Dios por todos los que padecen esta enfermedad y por encontrar la cura! Bendiciones a todos
Allan J, New Zealand

Linda Lee, USA

I was diagnosed with PH 3 years ago. My advice is don't ignore the signs. Pay attention to your body and seek help quickly if you have symptoms of PH. Never give up and carry hope in your heart always. Attend the PH support groups, they are a tremendous help.
Susan, Scotland

Hope they find a cure soon x
Ryan, USA

Diagnosed 2007
Gail, USA

"Something to do, something to love and something to hope for." My hope is for the cure!
Jennifer, USA

Praying Phor a Cure. Thank God Phor Phamily And Phriends!
Evette, USA

I was diagnosed in 2005. My PH is secondary to scleroderma (1997).
Ruth, Puerto Rico

En memoria de mi padre José L Morales quien fue diagnosticado con PH en abril 2011 y fallecio el 31 de octubre 2012. El lucho hasta el final El amo y vivio la vida. Mi esperanza y la de mis hermanos y mi madre que se encuentre una cura para todos los pacientes. Por eso apoyamos Con amor, sus hijas y esposa
Shaye, USA

My name is Shaye and I am 12 and have PH. I live in Houston, Texas. I have PH, but PH doesn't have me!! Phight with me to find a cure!
Lismarí, USA

Hola a TODOS! Me llamo Lismarí y a los 17 años me diagnosticaron Hipertension Pulmonar Arterial Ideopatica. Es cierto que mi vida cambio totalmente, pero mi único medico por excelencia ha sido DIOS. Ya tengo 19 años y quien me ha sostenido es DIOS. No sufrí depresion ni nada por el estilo porque deje TODO en sus manos. Les recomiendo hagan lo mismo y sentiran la paz y tranquilidad que solo DIOS da. Cuidense!! :)
Sucheta, USA

Hey :)…been diagnosed since 2007…the only cure is a double lung and heart transplant for me…..Passion for life & Dance :)
Barbara, USA

No family should have to go through what mine went through for 2 years prior to diagnosis not knowing from day to day if I was going to survive or not. Thankfully, my husband, Chuck didn't give up & took me to 14 doctors before I was correctly diagnosed with PH.
Daniel, USA

"I am Daniel. I have PH but I am OK." Daniel was diagnosed with PH when he was one year old. Thanks to early diagnosis he is a patient of Class I (no symptoms yet). While he waits for the CURE he is a happy seven year old boy who loves SpongeBob.
Joan, Australia

On holidays and met up with Phriends to celebrate. Together we are definitely stronger.
Društvo za plju?no hipertenzijo, Slovenia

I was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension 5 years after my first symptoms
Društvo za plju?no hipertenzijo, Slovenia

I saw 5 doctors about my pulmonary hypertension symptoms before I was correctly diagnosed
Društvo za plju?no hipertenzijo, Slovenia

Izabela, Brazil

Fui diagnosticada com HAP há dois meses, depois de um ano de muitas consultas. Se você tem os sintomas de HAP, alerte seu médico! O diagnóstico precoce é fundamental.
Lenora, U.S.

I was diagnosed with PAH (Idiopathic) in 2011. Thanks be to God…. For bringing me this far …. “He knows exactly where he wants us to be placed……” Keep “Hope” alive.







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